Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sol Bijou Introduces: Etsy Shop “CozyLittleCave”

Today I wanted to “show off” the work of this wonderful Etsy artist. Her shop is called “Cozy Little Cave” and her name is Tess. Her master pieces are vibrant, playful and unique.

Tess started drawing pretty much as soon as her mom gave her crayons.

As she grew up, she expanded her love of the arts into dance as well - What painter wouldn't love dance? Movement, color, line, expression, emotion, and striking images - A perfect fit! Eventually, some grown up made her pick a "career path", and for a brief stint she considered the very practical "petroleum engineer". Five minutes later, she realized she'd rather be poor and happy and settled on Environmental Design & Visual Studies at the Texas A&M College of Architecture. A minor in dance and one Master's in Art Education later, she found herself married and with the perfect opportunity at following a love of creating beauty and sharing her vibrant view of the world with others. Her work is expressive, bold, colorful, and figurative - directly swayed by her love of painting and dance. She opened a little shop where she sells mostly fun, mod little paintings, helping make original art just a little more affordable!


  1. thanks so much for such a great feature!! :)

  2. You are welcome, Tess. Your art is beautiful!