Saturday, December 23, 2017

In no time flat- The birth of Sol Bijou Ballet Flats

It never ceases to surprise me how inspiration works.  You are in the midst of doing something, completely engaged in the activity, and all of the sudden an idea hits you like a lightening bolt.  I now recognize that feeling more easily than I used to.  That very familiar feeling.  The feeling of creativity. It is something one must act upon, and has to be done quickly...You see, you are "given" a very small window of opportunity. It is up to you to "take it or leave it" Just like a dream that is so real while we are asleep, and yet it seems to vanish once we awaken, creativity works the same way.  It does to me, anyway.  The longer I wait to carry out what my inspiration guides me to do, the more momentum the creative forces shed.  One of those moments was when I was inspired to come up with my first pair of wedding ballet flats.  It wasn't an easy task.  There was nothing out there quite like what I envisioned, so I proceeded to make a sketch of it. 

It took trial and error. Numerous sleepless nights, and endless brain-storming sessions to come up with a pair of ballet flats that would not only be pleasing to the eye, but also be comfortable to wear.  

I sold my first pair of ballet flats on Etsy back on August 14, 2011.  

It was a simple ivory satin pair. Dainty and feminine. It wasn't perfect, yet, the bride loved her flats.  Her feedback allowed me to continue improving them.  I invested numerous hours in order to come up with the right fit, the right design, the final master piece.  Have I accomplished perfection?  I believe so, and I am very proud of this long journey.

Today, I offer a HUGE variety of ballet flats, crafted in various fabrics, such as satin, lace, sequin, faux suede, cotton, velvet, to name a few. Plain designs, or designs with embellishments.

I custom-match wedding colors to ensure your flats are designed in your wedding palette. My ballet slippers are custom-made.  This ensures that the pair fits each of my clients like a "glove".  A pattern is created for each foot in order to achieve the perfect fit. 

Who purchases Sol Bijou ballet flats?  Brides who love comfort, impeccably-crafted shoes and aesthetics.  Many of my brides (like me) have one foot longer than the other, or a wide-shoe fit.  I have also encountered brides who have physical limitations, such as fibromyalgia or asymmetric feet who are unable to find a flexible, cushioned and soft pair elsewhere.

Imagine your bridesmaids wearing a unique pair of ballet flats that displays your preferred shades, beautifully made and decorated, in perfect sync with your wedding palette and decor....