Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Convenience of Customizing Your Wedding Ballet Flats

When it comes to weddings, being able to customize your accessories provides you with so much more flexibility and uniqueness  Nothing is more special than having something made just for you, in your color palette to match the rest of your wedding decor and your wedding setting.

Sol Bijou ballet flats are not only crafted in your wedding colors, which means selecting the fabrics and decorations you wish, but also, they are made in your size.  Commercial sizes not always provide brides with the proper fit.  To address this dilemma, I make my flats according to the unique measurements of each client and each foot.  Let's face it, our bodies are not completely symmetric.  In most cases, one foot is longer or wider than the other.

Being able to customize your ballet slippers allows you to have a pair of elegant wedding flats in any size and color. Tall brides no longer have to worry about not finding feminine, original and chic foot-wear.

After many years creating wedding accessories, I have come to learn that white and ivory are no longer customary wedding colors.  Today brides are very creative, bolder and more willing to break  past wedding "norms" and "traditions".  This is the case of Susan, who chose a beautiful and delicate wedding palette: white, mint, purple and lilac.  Susan approached me with a photo of her wedding bouquet.  She mentioned that her wedding "theme" revolved around the general look and shades of her bouquet, as such, she wanted a pair of comfortable wedding flats to match.  She knew she wanted her pair in white lace combined with mint, utilizing lilac and purple as accent colors.  Moreover, Susan suffers from Fibromyalgia.  A painful condition which calls for flexible and soft shoes, crafted in a comfortable size.  She was not prepared to sacrifice fashion, femininity and elegance.  The result: The pair of ballerina flats shown below crafted just for her (I am also showing her bouquet)

Alexa, on the other hand, was getting married in Aruba.  She wanted her flats to be made in a fabric that would capture the beach setting where the ceremony would take place.  I recommended linen for her shoes, as this fabric is breathable, fresh and its color reminds me of  the color of sand.  She provided me with a photo of her venue, as well as the beach where she would be tying the knot.  You can see for yourself, how unique her flats turned out!

Sophie, a bride from the UK, desired a pair of flats for each of her 4 bridesmaids. She provided me with a photo of  the dress she had selected for them.  As her own wedding dress was ivory, we came up with this pair of ballet flats which complimented her bridesmaids dresses beautifully!

Rhonda, a bride from Australia, dreamed of having a mint and blush wedding.  She provided me with plenty of photos which captured, not only her bridesmaids dresses, but also, her venue, cake, place setting, bouquet and boutonnieres.  I just LOVE this delicate color combination.  Here is her pair of ballet flats

Sonya was having a garden wedding.  She selected coral, ivory and turquoise for her wedding colors.  In fact, she provided me with a photo of the wedding bouquet she would be carrying, so that her ballet flats could be made to match it.  I just love how her pair of shoes turned out!

I take pride in the fact that I can match any shade of any color, as I strive to make your wedding as unique as you are.  You no longer have to settle for conventional, cookie-cutter flats!

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